Alison Alkon

Alkon-e1411374749388-278x300Alison Hope Alkon is Associate Professor of Sociology at University of the Pacific. Broadly, her research investigates the intersections between race, class, and sustainable food systems. Her work has explored the ways that racial identities are (pre)formed through engagement with sustainable food systems, and critiqued the limits of green capitalist strategies such as the buying and selling of local organic food in creating social justice and environmental sustainability. Alison is the author of Black, White, and Green: Farmers Markets, Race, and the Green Economy (2012), and co-editor (with Julian Agyeman) of Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class and Sustainability (2011).


Keywords: Race and Agriculture
Sites: Mandela Marketplace
Sites: North Berkeley Farmers' Market
Sites: West Oakland Farmers' Market